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Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Map

Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Map plots the cities locations with color intensity as per the city population in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also gives idea about Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Density Map.

Most Populated Cities Bosnia and Herzegovina

The above Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Map displays top ten populated cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Below is the list of most populated cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1Sarajevo(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)696731
2Banja Luka(Republika Srpska)221106
3Zenica(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)164423
4Tuzla(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)142486
5Mostar(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)104518
6Bihac(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)75641
7Bugojno(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)41378
9Bijeljina(Republika Srpska)37692
10Prijedor(Republika Srpska)36347
11Trebinje(Republika Srpska)33178
12Travnik(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)31127
13Doboj(Republika Srpska)27235
14Cazin(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)21741
15Velika Kladusa(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)19330
16Visoko(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)17890
17Gorazde(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)17650
18Konjic(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)15950
19Gracanica(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)15758
20Gradacac(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)15659
21Bosanska Krupa(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)15193
22Mrkonjic Grad(Republika Srpska)14737
23Foca(Republika Srpska)14615
24Zavidovici(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)14380
25Zivinice(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)13641
26Sanski Most(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)13551
27Bosanska Gradiska(Republika Srpska)13346
28Bileca(Republika Srpska)13257
29Kakanj(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)12406
30Livno(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)11748
31Odzak(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)11621
32Stijena(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)10844
33Sipovo(Republika Srpska)10738
34Prozor(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)10349
35Novi Travnik(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)10006
36Ljubuski(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)9987
37Bosanska Dubica(Republika Srpska)9959
38Derventa(Republika Srpska)9773
39Jajce(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)9763
40Todorovo(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)9560
41Siroki Brijeg(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)9370
42Bosanski Brod(Republika Srpska)9249
43Bosanski Novi(Republika Srpska)8920
44Sokolac(Republika Srpska)8842
45Mionica(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8701
46Zepce(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8502
47Kiseljak(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8475
48Potoci(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8312
49Fojnica(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8244
50Milici(Republika Srpska)8210
51Vogosca(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8180
52Vitez(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)8140
53Zvornik(Republika Srpska)8026
54Donji Vakuf(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7955
55Capljina(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7923
56Tomislavgrad(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7737
57Stolac(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7733
58Trn(Republika Srpska)7553
59Tesanj(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7550
60Pale(Republika Srpska)7458
61Maglaj(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7399
62Srbac(Republika Srpska)7380
63Nevesinje(Republika Srpska)7313
64Divicani(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7251
65Kljuc(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7245
66Buzim(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7229
68Vares(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7193
69Hadzici(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7173
70Prnjavor(Republika Srpska)7099
71Gornji Vakuf(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)7014
72Skender Vakuf(Republika Srpska)6866
73Vrnograc(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6860
74Kladanj(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6783
75Srebrenik(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6723
76Celinac(Republika Srpska)6670
77Podzvizd(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6665
78Trzacka Rastela(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6617
79Otoka(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6595
80Tojsici(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6587
81Varoska Rijeka(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6573
82Pecigrad(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6514
83Omarska(Republika Srpska)6466
84Laktasi(Republika Srpska)6464
85Gromiljak(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6457
86Kovaci(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6410
87Teslic(Republika Srpska)6405
88Sekovici(Republika Srpska)6315
89Jablanica(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6209
90Visegrad(Republika Srpska)6087
91Mala Kladusa(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)6033
92Kalenderovci Donji(Republika Srpska)5890
93Ilijas(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5855
94Gostovici(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5802
95Podhum(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5801
96Crnici(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5789
97Zeljezno Polje(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5783
98Citluk(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5718
99Blatnica(Republika Srpska)5676
100Tesanjka(Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)5666

Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Statistics Graph

Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Statistics Graph

This graph tries to provide statistical analysis of the population distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It shows the total number of cities, towns, villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina having population in the range as mentioned on the horizontal axis.


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Map and Bosnia and Herzegovina Statistics Graph are the outcomes of our experiments and analysis of cities population data in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Special software is developed by PopulationLabs.com to construct the Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Map and Bosnia and Herzegovina Statistics Graph.
  • The Bosnia and Herzegovina Statistical Graph is just an indicative graph since population data of only partial places is available.
  • Please note that population data of Bosnia and Herzegovina and cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not up to date and complete.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Population Map also gives the idea of distribution of the population among Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also provides idea about the Bosnia and Herzegovina population density.
  • The map also plots and displays the top 10 most populated cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina as per their rank.
  • Please note that the ranks of the most populated cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are as per the population data of cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina available with us. It might be different with current population.