Cape Verde Population Map (Cape Verde Population:508659,Cape Verde Population Density:126.12/sq.km) Bookmark and Share

Cape Verde Population Map

Cape Verde Population Map plots the cities locations with color intensity as per the city population in Cape Verde. It also gives idea about Cape Verde Population Density Map.

Most Populated Cities Cape Verde

The above Cape Verde Population Map displays top ten populated cities of Cape Verde. Below is the list of most populated cities in Cape Verde.

2Mindelo(Sao Vicente)70611
3Santa Maria(Sal)17231
4Santa Cruz9488
5Sao Filipe(Sao Filipe)8189
8Porto Novo5580
9Vila da Ribeira Brava5324
10Ponta do Sol(Ribeira Grande)4064
11Vila do Maio3009
12Cidade Velha2148
13Sal Rei2122
14Sao Domingos(Sao Domingos)1850
16Porto dos Mosteiros477

Cape Verde Population Statistics Graph

Cape Verde Population Statistics Graph

This graph tries to provide statistical analysis of the population distribution in Cape Verde. It shows the total number of cities, towns, villages in Cape Verde having population in the range as mentioned on the horizontal axis.


  • Cape Verde Population Map and Cape Verde Statistics Graph are the outcomes of our experiments and analysis of cities population data in Cape Verde
  • Special software is developed by PopulationLabs.com to construct the Cape Verde Population Map and Cape Verde Statistics Graph.
  • The Cape Verde Statistical Graph is just an indicative graph since population data of only partial places is available.
  • Please note that population data of Cape Verde and cities in Cape Verde is not up to date and complete.
  • Cape Verde Population Map also gives the idea of distribution of the population among Cape Verde. It also provides idea about the Cape Verde population density.
  • The map also plots and displays the top 10 most populated cities in Cape Verde as per their rank.
  • Please note that the ranks of the most populated cities in Cape Verde are as per the population data of cities in Cape Verde available with us. It might be different with current population.